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Five Dials is a magazine published by Hamish Hamilton, edited by Craig Taylor. To be kept up-to-date on new issues, please consider subscribing to the mailing list. An feed icon RSS feed is also available.

Distributed in Portable Document Format (PDF), Five Dials is best downloaded, printed out and enjoyed (we hope) away from the computer.

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Five Dials 35

Five Dials number 35
19.9 Mb PDF
Richard McGuire Makes A Book. Featuring the sketches, notes, phrases, inspirations, paintings, lists and photo collages used to create the essential Here. It’s a big issue — and full colour, too.

Five Dials 34

Five Dials number 34
8.9 Mb PDF
Jokes / Not Joking At All. Featuring jokes, obviously, but not too many. Plus Knausgaard, Nick Hornby, the paintings of Margaux Williamson, two chapters of Tom Basden’s ongoing serial, Stuart Evers, Emily Berry on breakfasts in literature, and a contribution from Sigmund Freud. Plus animals in rehab, a short story by Colin Barrett (winner of the Guardian First Book Award) and artwork by Jody Barton. Are you kidding me?

Five Dials 33b

Five Dials number 33b
4.5 Mb PDF
Five Dials x @readwomen2014. Part 2. Featuring Deborah Levy, Susan Sontag, Zoe Pilger, Olivia Laing and short fiction from Molly McCloskey.

Five Dials Number 33

Five Dials number 33
3.8 Mb PDF
Five Dials x @readwomen2014. PART 1. Featuring Jenni Fagan, Lauren Elkin, Susan Barbour and Rachel Genn.

Five Dials Number 32b

Five Dials number 32b
1.5 Mb PDF
Our New Zealand Addendum. Featuring the correspondence of Janet Frame and five paintings by Shane Cotton.

Five Dials Number 32

Five Dials number 32
2.1 Mb PDF
New Zealand. New artwork from Francis Upritchard. New writing from C.K. Stead, Paula Morris, Paul Ewen and Ashleigh Young. Earthquakes and French wine and Katherine Mansfield’s house.

Five Dials Number 31

Five Dials number 31
11.4Mb PDF
Tricks of the Light. Contributions from Lydia Davis, Georges Simenon, Leanne Shapton, Zadie Smith, Philip Langeskov, Trevor Quirk, Philip Oltermann and Yevgeny Zamyatin. Lovelorn manual labourers, professional chefs, the world’s most hated book, and new poetry from Rachael Allen.

Five Dials Number 30

Five Dials number 30 Five Dials number 30 mobile
1.4Mb PDF and 126K Mobile
The Camus Issue. Featuring reportage from Curtis Gillespie, an exploration of the death drive by Deborah Levy, and an essay from the man himself. Available for mobile devices and as a classic, good-looking PDF. (The mobile version links to a couple videos).

Five Dials Number 29

Five Dials number 29

Weight to Lift. Featuring David Bezmozgis, Richard Ford, Deborah Eisenberg and an explanation of Nabokov’s breakfast choices. Also: César Aira, Jonas Hassen Khemiri, artwork by Cheryl Taylor and new poetry from Jack Underwood.

Five Dials Number 28

Five Dials number 28

Heroes / Heroines / Other. Subjects include: Sonic Youth, Kate Bush, Will Self, Alban Berg, poltergeists, Bruce Willis (and the henchman he killed), west London rich people and Joan Didion as a superhero.

Five Dials Number 27b

Five Dials number 27b

Pedagogic Poems. Eight new works from eight young wonderful Brits.

Five Dials Number 27

Five Dials number 27
5 Mb PDF

Things Simmering. New fiction from Greece. Plus Oyster cards, the cuisine of Occupy Wall Street, Proust and a very long list of memories.

Five Dials Number 26

Five Dials number 26
6 Mb PDF

Berlin. London. And more.

Five Dials Number 25b

Five Dials number 25b
2.4 Mb PDF

The Cork Fiction Issue 2: Cork Harder. Featuring Nathan Englander, Frank O’Connor, Witi Ihimaera and more.

Five Dials Number 25

Five Dials number 25
1 Mb PDF

The Big Corking Fiction Issue. Short stories by Lydia Davis, Kevin Barry, D.W. Wilson and three poems by Joe Dunthorne.

Five Dials Number 24

Five Dials number 24
2.8 Mb PDF

The ‘B’ Issue. Featuring bears, John Banville, Amy Leach, Bridget O’Connor and a tribute to David Rakoff.

Five Dials Number 23

Five Dials number 23
500 Kb PDF

Javier Marías

Five Dials Number 22

Five Dials number 22
2.4 Mb PDF

Why Willows Weep and Other Tales From The Forest Floor

Five Dials Number 21

Five Dials number 21
3.2 Mb PDF

Rock School! Contributions from Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Raymond Chandler, Del the Funky Homosapien, Kid Koala and members of Liturgy, Los Campesinos!, Beirut and Great Lake Swimmers. Launched from a Greek hilltop.

Five Dials Number 20

Five Dials number 20
5 Mb PDF

General Interest. Published live at the Port Eliot Festival, 2011.

Five Dials Number 19

Five Dials number 19
2.5 Mb PDF

The Parenting Issue. Heidi Julavits, Alexandra Styron, Louis Theroux, Darin Strauss and a bunch of nine-year-olds dispensing advice.

Five Dials Number 18b

Five Dials number 18b
638 Kb PDF

A Spring Postcard. Featuring five poems by Michael Robbins.

Five Dials Number 18

Five Dials number 18
1.5 Mb PDF

A Bouquet for Sybille Bedford.

Five Dials Number 17

Five Dials number 17
3.3 Mb PDF

In Jaipur. Kamila Shamsie, Tishani Doshi, Henning Mankell, Patrick French, and marriage tips from Mahatma Gandhi.

Five Dials Number 16

Five Dials number 16
1.4 Mb PDF

Our Christmas card to you. Featuring Heathcote Williams and Mr Christmas himself, Anton Chekhov.

Five Dials Number 15

cover of Five Dials number 15
5.8 Mb PDF

The Québec Issue. Featuring Leonard Cohen, Gil Courtemanche, Roxanne Bouchard, Madeleine Thien and artwork from Julie Doucet.

Five Dials Number 14

cover of Five Dials number 14
1.6 Mb PDF

An essay by Orhan Pamuk. That’s it, that’s all.

Five Dials Number 13

cover of Five Dials number 13
15.2 Mb PDF

The Festival Issue. Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Sam Lipsyte, Ryan Adams, Martin Parr, Fiona Banner, Raymond Pettibon, Paul Murray, and a touch of Iggy Pop.

Five Dials Number 12

cover of Five Dials number 12
3.9 Mb PDF

The Utterly Broken Britain Issue. Tories in East London, death duels, circumcision, typewriters and dangerous snakes.

Five Dials Number 11

cover of Five Dials number 11
3 Mb PDF

Roberto Bolaño, Jon Savage, Paul Murray and more.

Five Dials Number 10

cover of Five Dials number 10
1 Mb PDF

A celebration of the life of David Foster Wallace with contributions by Don DeLillo, Jonathan Franzen, Zadie Smith, George Saunders and others. For subscribers only. PS – Subscribe here for free.

Five Dials Number 9

cover of Five Dials number 9
4.2 Mb PDF

New writing from James Kelman, Helen Oyeyemi and David Vann, plus Philip Roth, Jonathan Coe and B.S. Johnson.

Five Dials Number 8 bis

cover of Five Dials number 8b
2.5 Mb PDF

An addendum to our Paris issue.

Five Dials Number 8

cover of Five Dials number 8
6.4 Mb PDF

Toltz, Updike, Sontag, Dyer, Capote, Elkin, Davis, Camus and Ali Smith — on Paris.

Five Dials Number 7

cover of Five Dials number 7
3.9 Mb PDF

Featuring Ali Sethi, Paul Farley, Paul Ewen, Diana Athill and Ian Fleming.

Five Dials Number 6

cover of Five Dials number 6
4.9 Mb PDF

Featuring Ali Smith, Arundhati Roy, Paul Maliszewski, Bobby Gillespie and much on the matter of obscenity. John Mortimer, Art Spiegelman, Jello Biafra and even some NWA.

Five Dials Number 5

cover of Five Dials number 5
1.7 Mb PDF

Featuring Joe Dunthorne, W.G. Sebald, J.M.G. Le Clézio, Stephen Dunn, Leanne Shapton and quite a few translators.

Five Dials Number 4

cover of Five Dials number 4
570 kb PDF

Featuring Noam Chomsky, Robin Yassin-Kassab and eleven writers remembering an election.

Five Dials Number 3

cover of Five Dials number 3
2.2 mb PDF

Featuring David Rakoff, Jonathan Safran Foer, Sheila Heti and Jean-Paul Sartre.

Five Dials Number 2

cover of Five Dials number 2
2.4 mb PDF

Featuring Roger Deakin, Jay Griffiths, Arthur Bradford and Raymond Chandler.

Five Dials Number 1

cover of Five Dials no. 1
2.3 mb PDF

Featuring Iain Sinclair, Alain de Botton, Rachel Lichtenstein and Gustave Flaubert.

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